Artwork Requirements


For Color Imaging
The artwork results will be as good as the picture you supply. It is recommended that the image be at least 900 pixels by 900 pixels.

3 inch by 3 inch at 300 dots per inch is 900 pixels. This is the same as 12 inch by 12 inch at 72 dots per inch.) Anything submitted at a lower resolution will not show up as clearly. We can enhance images but we are not miracle workers.

Acceptable formats are JPG, JPEG, WMF, PNG, CDR (Version 9 or earlier), CPT (Version 9 or earlier), BMP, PLT, TIFF.

For Standard Engraving
The same general rules apply, but we can usually work with poorer images. The image will need to be converted for use on an engraver. If supplied in PLT or HPGL formats there is no conversion charge. If we need to modify the file there will be a minimum charge which will be based on the time it takes to convert the logo.

Standard Engraving Logos
We have thousands of logos for national and international corporations, and organizations in our logo library. If we have yours there will be no charge for conversion. Just ask and we will let you know if yours is available.
Accent on Engraving
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